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Kelley James Virtual Experience
Kelley James

Kelley James Virtual Experience


A one-of-a-kind, interactive experience where Kelley uses the chat function on common virtual platforms to interact and engage with the audience in real time.

A diligence call with Kelley before the event will be set to learn the details of the company and event so Kelley can curate a custom performance for each specific audience. 

The audience will be involved and able to contribute ideas, topics, and thoughts to Kelley as he performs during the live show. 


It’s important for companies to provide an entertaining and engaging event for their employees.

With so many in-person events transitioning to online, we are presenting a digital formatted  offering where employees can enjoy the experience virtually. 


Kelley and his band put together pre-recorded music videos to be embedded into virtual shows. Custom covers, originals, and freestyles make for relevant-to-the-audience content that can’t be matched.


Upon request, Kelley can interview a multitude of celebrities within his network (or the company’s brand ambassadors) to provide meaningful insight into their respective fields that relates to the company’s objectives. 

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